"Do You Have a Book in You: Basics of researching, writing and marketing a book in today's market." Writing Workshop at Ivy Tech: Nancy will head a staff interactive workshop September 9 1-3 at Ivy Tech.

Check out the website of the Indiana Writers' Center, Indianawriters.org, for Nancy's seasonal workshops on historical fiction, non-fiction, and marketing and selling your book through modern media..

Speaking Topics

To make arrangements to have Nancy N. Baxter Speak at your upcoming event, please contact her by emailing requests to arthurbaxter1@comcast.net

The End of the Civil War:

A Whole New World in Indiana. This speech summarizes the careers of two stellar Indiana regiments: the Fourteenth Indiana and the Eightieth and the climate on the home front in the Hoosier state, but then centers on the return of the soldiers in 1864 and beyond the war. Baxter’s novel The Dream Divided, the  readers’ favorite novel of the period, has just been reissued and this talk focusing on the human component is full of anecdotes, character sketches and color from the time as well as authoritative Civil War history. 30-45 minutes.

Fire in the Rear:

Copperheads and Home front Battles in Indiana in the Civil War. Only recently have we fully understood the full extent of disruption and even death the Knights of the Golden Circle and other “peace now” fraternities caused during the war. Based on extensive scholarship by our best historians and the author’s own personal delving and stories from southern Indiana, this 45-minute talk lays bare the “fire in the rear” that divided Indiana in the later days of the war. 30-45 minutes.

Nancy Baxter’s own Civil War non-fiction and fiction provide color to the talk.

The Oldest Continually Occupied Home in Indiana?

The Wild McClures and Their Kin in the Pioneer Era  Based on Baxter’s novel The Movers, this talk follows the historical family the book used as a model, emphasizing their travels all the way from the Isle of Man in the seventeenth century to Knox County in 1803. The Pennsylvania Indian frontier of 1750,  Fighting in the Revolution with George Rogers Clark, traveling across the Buffalo Trace, and brother against brother as slave-holding became an issue in Vincennes in 1803 are covered. With at least ten thousand descendants in Indiana today—the McClures are among our staunchest pioneer families and their story compelling. The Movers was the Waldenbooks Preferred Reading Selection, mid-Atlantic states in 1980.
45 minutes. illustrating posters are part of the program.

Nancy Baxter depends on a lifetime of speaking before audiences with personal involvement and audience participation at the end of the speech. She does not use Powerpoint presentation but instead prefers lively, animated talks enhanced by large illuminating posters.