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The Movers: Heartland Chronicles

Prodigious research, in the finest tradition of the historical novel Carlton Jackson, professor University at Western Kentucky University and author of The Life of Hattie McDaniel.

Baxter took the real-life families of the men of Gallant Fourteenth back in time to their lives in the frontier period: in this first novel of the Heartland Chronicles series the French and Indian Wars/Revolutionary War era. McClures, Emisons, Bairds and Indians Lone Wolf and Asondaki move across the wide screen of Scotch Irish travel from Northern Ireland to Pennsylvania, Kentucky and eventually southern Indiana, as they did in real life 1750-1803. Their story closely follows the travels and fortunes of the McClure family, whose descendants actually live in the oldest continually occupied house in Indiana, but it is historical fiction. The Movers was a 1989 Waldenbooks Preferred Reader Selection for the Mid-Atlantic States.


Gallant Fourteenth: The Story of an Indiana Civil War Regiment is a standard for Civil War buffs. The Fourteenth was one of the few Midwestern regiments to stay the  entire war in the Eastern theatre and had lost half its men by the end of its trip from Rich Mountain to Cold Harbor. Many good regimental histories have come out since the release of this book in 1980 but it has held its own through six printings as one of the classics of Civil War regimental history.

Roger Long, reviewer for Civil War Times when Gallant Fourteenth was released in 1980, said:

There is an admirable thoroughness without the flowery language so often associated with regimental histories. Gallant Fourteenth is for any Civil War reader interested in the simple truth.

 Readers: a major chapter in Civil War history and a marvelous, searching study.


Charmed Circle: Indianapolis 1895 a Mystery

A member of the newest generation of McClures, young Mac, arrives in Indianapolis and finds himself involved in a murder mystery which really happened in the city historically during the opium wars. Favorite characters of the earlier books make brief appearances, one traveling through time to help solve the mystery.


All the Bright Sons of Morning.   

Baxter takes the ancestors of the Indian family of The Movers and the next two novels, Asondaki of The Miamis, back in time to the Mound Building culture in Indiana, Cahokia and Mexico. 

Nancy Baxter’s best novel yet. Ruth Marie Griggs, former president of
Journalism Education Association of America.


The Miamis

Asondaki, the Native American boy who is a metis, or half-breed and related to the McClures, tells his story at Kekionga near Ft. Wayne. His mother joins in to tell traditional Miami tales and recount the stories of Sakia, Crane Girl, Asondaki’s moon-in-the-wild and the lives of historical figures like Little Turtle. Two printings and now an e-book.

Lords of the River: tHE hEARTLAND cHRONICLES

Takes up the lives and fortunes of the McClures and other southern Indiana pioneers: The Poores of Newburyport  MA and Orange County Indiana, the Brookses of Lincoln MA and Hindostan Falls Indiana and others, and follows them through historical happenings, intrigues and family feuds in Indiana 1813-1850. Winner of the American Federation of Presswomen’s Best Novel Award in 1992. 

It’s a first-rate story written with skill, subtlety, humor, passion and real
literary skill—A tour de force
 William H.A. Carr, author of The DuPonts of


Secretary to Mary Baker Eddy tells the story of a pioneer in the Christian Science denomination, the influential secretary to the founder of the movement who later became head of the board through challenging times after the death of the leader. 


The Survival of Christian Science in the 21st Century follows the history of the founding days of the denomination and shows the increasing historical direction through five decades to emphasize Christian healing only. The author calls for a shift in emphasis which will re-establish Mary Baker Eddy’s radical view of Christianity as trusting all to God and denying the ultimate reality of matter. A valuable resource for those interested in the future of the Christian Science movement. Amazon review.


This down-to-earth spiritual journey book takes the author through an entire year of journal entries and meditations experienced as she walks through the beautiful woodlands and by the creek at the first, and many say the best day camp in American, Acorn Farm Camp, across the street from her home. Musings and Biblical connections for everyday challenges and memories of her 50 plus years as a contented Christian Scientist.

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Martin County, Indiana was still a semi-frontier county when it sent the outstanding Company C from Mt. Pleasant and Loogootee to the earliest days of the Civil War.

The Fourteenth went to the East and fought at Rich Mountain and then in the string of battles which eventually determined the war, from the Peninsular campaign through to Cold Harbor. This book tells the story of the men who helped create the record of this regiment in the Gibraltar Brigade, including family histories and letters from pioneering days to the time of the Civil War. A unique and personal history, this little book is the only company history to be done in Indiana.

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The Dream Divided

The McClures, Poore descendants, Brookses and their Indian relatives (surprisingly) go to fight the Civil War and maintain the homefront, as they did in actual history. This fictional recreation of their fortunes in the great conflict reveals the human element of the war and life in southern Indiana while it was going on: the scramble for advancement which pitted cousin against cousin, the wearing and dangerous passage through camps and battlefields in the East and in Kentucky. Scores of secondary and minor characters bring this epic of real Hoosier men and women to life for 21st century readers. 

Aptly chosen title for this story of a war which did divide the great dream of the founding of the country. Alan Nolan author of The Iron Brigade.

2014 available from Hawthorne Publishing, 800 pages