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indiana Author Nancy N. Baxter

Nancy Baxter is a prize-winning author living in, and writing about, Indiana. She is the author of twelve books. Baxter teaches at the Indiana Writers’ Center in Indianapolis, an extension of twenty-three years of high school and college English and history teaching.  She is the year 2000 recipient of the Eli Lilly Lifetime Achievement Award in History of the Indiana Historical Society. 

Check out the website of the Indiana Writers' Center, Indianawriters.org, for Nancy's workshops on historical fiction, non-fiction, and marketing and selling your book through modern media..


In 1988 at the urging of Waldenbooks Nancy established a regional press to publish books about Indiana heritage. Baxter served as publisher’s editor for over 200 Indiana and Civil War history books and managed the company until 2001, when Emmis Publishing headquartered in Indianapolis purchased the company and it became Emmis Books. Guild Press released in 1994 the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies on CD ROM, which was then and still is the definitive and best-selling electronic version of the records. Arthur and Nancy Baxter founded Hawthorne Publishing in Carmel in 2002.  It is one of three traditional publishers in Indiana.